With diverse audiences comes the need to reach individuals through a range of content.

Find below a series of my most recent animations, gifs, digital assets and press releases as part of my commitment to become a top industry professional.  


Content for Instagram

See above a selection of imagery and gifs taken from my recent visits to bonfire night and Winter Wonderland, London 2019. The purpose behind these images is to demonstrate my ability to generate content that could be used by marketeers for promotional communications, whether it be for digital or print or both!

cONTENT FOR social media

The above footage was captured to raise awareness of the distribution of new plastic cup recycling units as part of the University of Northampton's #StudentTakeover. The initiative challenged students, including myself, to create video content suitable for social channels to educate students on the new cup recycling process. Due to time restrictions, the footage was planned, captured and refined within 3 hours; a true representation of the fast-paced nature of working in social media marketing.


Powerpoint Good Morning.gif
Good Afternoon Powerpoint animated gif.g
animated gif.gif
animated gif.gif
animated gif.gif

Out-of-home (OOH) is my favourite form of advertising. The ability to generate widespread intrigue and reach diverse audiences inspires me. As such, I was excited when briefed by the University of Northampton to produce a selection of 5 animations for the Energy Tower. Interestingly, the unusual asset specifications and broad student and public target audience highlights the importance of understanding who you are targeting alongside their values, attitudes and beliefs. It is also a clear representation of the importance of digital screens in OOH.


Above is an example of a press release that I have written. All that awaits you is the click of a button.

CONTENT FOR television


As part of the D&AD New Blood Awards 2020, I developed some quick scamps for Lego's 'Rebuild the world' campaign brief. The brief required a powerful visual campaign that appealed to teenagers to rebuild their relationship with Lego on their terms. My recommendation was a 30 second television spot which played on nostalgia to construct an emotional response.